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Mentoring Program

Instructional Services Division
Ingram Library
State University of West Georgia

The Program
The Mentoring Program of the Instructional Services Division of Ingram Library pairs an experienced Instructional Services librarian with a newly hired Instructional Services librarian in an effort to effect the successful transition of a new employee to the profession, the Library, and the State University of West Georgia.

Purpose of the Program
The purpose of the program is to orient and acculturate new employees to the Instructional Services Division, Ingram Library, the State University of West Georgia, and the library profession.

    • Develop mentee's perceived strengths.
    • Address mentee's perceived deficiencies.
    • Familiarize mentee with the organization, Library and State University of West Georgia.

The mentoring relationship is a formalized, structured, personal relationship with emphasis on the professional welfare and development of a new employee. At the outset of the mentoring process, the Head of Instructional Services will meet with both the mentor and mentee to discuss their responsibilities and the mentoring process.

  • Mentor's Responsibilities
    A mentor serves as resource person, advisor, and guide for the mentee. In these roles, the mentor has the following responsibilities:
    • Serves as a link between the mentee and the library staff.
    • Serves as a source of information, suggestions, and advice.
    • Provides practical answers to professional questions.

    The mentoring program is not designed to supplant the supervisor as the primary source of guidance in the area of performance.

  • Mentee's Responsibilities
    • Be fully engaged in the mentoring process.
    • Openly communicate with the assigned mentor.

Duration of the Mentoring Relationship
Shortly after an Instructional Services employee is hired, the Head of Instructional Services will assign a mentor to the new employee. The mentoring process will continue for one year after the assignment is made. If either the mentor or mentee decides the relationship should be terminated, either or both may notify the Head of Instructional Services, who will proceed to assign another mentor to the mentee for the duration of the mentoring period.

Mentor and mentee are strongly encouraged to meet at least once per week during the first three months of the program. Thereafter, meetings may occur less frequently if both mentor and mentee agree.

At the beginning of the program, the mentor and mentee should mutually agree upon a tentative list of discussion topics and establish a timeline for topic discussions. The tentative list should be submitted to the Head of Instructional Services.

The following list is illustrative of topics that may be covered during mentoring meetings:
  • Library areas and staff
  • Library hierarchy/ organizational chart
  • People and places on campus
  • Involvement in professional organizations
  • Liaison duties
  • Library policies and procedures
  • LIBR1101
  • Focused instruction sessions
  • Committee work (Library and campus)
  • Reference

At the end of each semester, the Head of Instructional Services will meet individually with the mentor and mentee to discuss the effectiveness of the program.

All meetings between mentor and mentee should be documented using the attached form. Comments are optional. At the conclusion of the formal mentoring process, the documentation becomes part of the mentee's personnel file.

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Last Modified: 23 September 2003