1.    Only authorized students are allowed to use the Visual Lab. The list is maintained at the Circulation Desk.


2.    If a student needs to use the Lab and his/her name is not on the list, (s)he must contact Dr. Ann Phillips.


3.    The authorized student may have one friend present in the room.


4.    The friend is not to use the equipment.


5.    To gain entry to the Lab, the authorized student will leave his/her student ID/driverís license at the Circulation Desk, and the key will be checked out.


6.    If the student moves equipment, (s)he must return it to its original location and plug it back in when leaving.


7.    The students will turn off the computers, lights, and CCTVs when leaving.


8.    The students will not leave their library or research books scattered around; the must be neatly placed on the floor under the window until the bookcase/table is available.




The technology assistant is responsible for keeping the Lab functional and neat. Please help.