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Scanning Process for E-Reserves

  • We only accept 1-sided photocopies for scanning. If duplexed, return to instructor with a note requesting 1-sided copies. Although 2-sided scanning can be done, it takes too much time to make sure all pages are oriented correctly.

  • Remove staples. Email instructor requesting that in future, copies not be stapled because the slight damage to the paper can cause the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) to jam.

  • Open Adobe Acrobat program on computer next to Circ Dept. phone.

  • Place pages to be scanned in ADF face down.

  • In Adobe program, click on File > Create PDF > From Scanner. In the popup box, click on Scan.

  • In the next popup box, choose either Grayscale or Black & White (Grayscale for copies which have photos or dark areas over printing, Black & White for clear copies with text and/or line drawings only). Do not change any other settings, then click on Scan in the lower left corner.

  • Wait for all pages to feed through* then click on Done.

    *If the scanner jams, DO NOT pull paper out, because it can easily damage the feeder: use blue latch to open feeder mechanism and remove paper. If a sheet has been damaged by the jam, make a new photocopy of that page before resuming scanning--do not try to scan pages with damaged edges, because they will just jam the ADF again.

  • If needed, turn all pages the right way (so they are not upside down or sideways on the screen) by going to the top bar menu and clicking on Document > Rotate Pages. In the popup box, choose the correct orientation (for example, "Clockwise 90 degrees"). ALL is preselected; then click on OK. Keep trying until the first page is turned correctly, then, using the blue arrows at the bottom of the screen, click forward a few pages to be sure they are all correct. If necessary, use the Document menu again to turn pages, but instead of ALL, just specify the page number which needs to be turned. You do not need to check every one, but at least check 4 or 5, and the last page to verify that

    (a) the pages are correctly oriented, and

    (b) the pages are readable. Sometimes the photocopy is not of good enough quality to make a good scan. If the pages are NOT readable, return the photocopy to the instructor with a note indicating that a better-quality copy is needed, because the scan did not come out readable enough for student viewing, so we have not yet posted it online.

  • Once you have checked and fixed any problems with page orientation, SAVE the scan by going to File > Save As.

    Browse to the saved scans directory, which is Local Disk (D:) > myfiles > ReserveFiles > semester (for example, "aaSpring2007") > Professor name > Course Number.

    If there is not already a folder in the chosen semester for the professor you are working on, create one by clicking on the Create New Folder icon at the top. If there is no folder for that professor, you will certainly also have to create a new folder for the course number as well.

    Ask someone if you have any questions; this filing system allows us to easily locate the files for any given class in any given semester, so it is very important that they be named correctly.

  • Once you have either browsed to the correct folder, or created the necessary folders, SAVE the file by using the first few words of the title, for example, how_to_recognize. Try not to use too many words of the title, so the file name will not be excessively long--and be sure to use an underscore to separate each word.

  • When you have finished scanning all the materials for one professor, put them in an interoffice envelope addressed to the faculty member @ his/her department and put it in Campus Mail.

  • DONE! Someone else will add the bibliographic information to the .pdf file and upload it to Docutek.

  • Irvine Sullivan Ingram Library, UWG
    1601 Maple St - Carrollton, GA 30118-2000
    Library Information - (678) 839-6350
    Reference Desk - (678) 839-6495
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    Last Modified: 11 January 2007