Opening Procedures


  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to opening time.
  • Turn on lights for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.
  • Remove newspapers and books from both the front and back book drops.
  • Stamp the newspapers with a University of West Georgia stamp and put them out at the paper rack and rotate out the previous day’s papers.
  • Write on the newspaper log how many of each paper we received that day.
  • Retrieve the book drop bolt, flat-head screwdriver, and safe key from the front desk drawer.
  • Unlock the safe with the key, enter the safe code and retrieve the money box and all keys.  Place the keys on top of the safe.
  • Fill out the money drawer log, pulling the cash (over $100.00), checks, and credit card receipts.
    • The cash drawer log should be filled out in this manner, handwritten.



Date:                02/15/07

Time:                0715

Initials:  CC


½ dollars          ______0______

Quarters           ___2.50_______

Dimes               ___.70________

Nickels ____.85_______

Pennies ____.55_______


Ones                _____30.00____

Fives                _____15.00____

Tens                 ________20.00_

Twenties           _____40.00____


Refunds            ______.35_____


Total Cash        ____109.95____

- cash pulled     ______9.95____

                           = $100


Check total       ____45.00_____

Credit card total  ___120.00___
































·        The adding machine tape should look like this for the log example above:















Pulled 9.95


















·        The tally sheet or adding machine tape, credit card receipts, checks, cash pulled, and the batch settlement off of the credit card machine should all be gem clipped together and put into an envelope and placed in the money drawer.  The secretary will pick it up daily.


·        Turn on both front desk computers and log onto Voyager.

·        Discharge any items that were left in the book drops.

·        Get the door count off of the security gate and log it into the notebook.

·        Run the daily reports and mail off the notices

·        Make sure the Self-check machine is turned on

·        Look over the preshelves and make sure the books are shelved correctly

·        Turn on the callslip daemon at the gil express workstation.

·        Unlock the doors at the appropriate time by ‘dogging down’ the push bars with the screwdriver.



**If you arrive to work late, the most important thing to do is have the doors unlocked on time.  You can always complete the rest of the opening procedures after the door are unlocked.