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Food, Beverages & Tobacco in the Library

Consumption of food or beverages within the Library is prohibited except in the Front Lobby Area, including Browsing. Use of tobacco in any form is prohibited.

Your responsibility when working near the Circulation Desk is to help enforce this policy by stopping people walking away from the Front Lobby area who are carrying food or drinks you can see. Politely challenge them, inform them that food & drinks are only allowed in the Lobby area, and ask them to either finish consuming what they have with them in the Lobby area, or leave the items briefly at the Circ Desk for pickup as they are leaving.

If you happen to go elsewhere in the Library while you are on duty, you are expected to enforce the Food & Drink policy wherever you observe an infraction. If a user refuses to put away their food/drink in an area where eating is not permitted (or go downstairs to eat in the Lobby), you should contact a supervisor in Circulation or call Public Safety.

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Last Modified: 26 January 2007