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The Patrons of Ingram Library:

Students enrolled in courses on or off campus have full library privileges. (See "Items in Circulation" for loan periods and fine policies.)

The faculty, emeriti faculty, and staff of The State University of West Georgia have full privileges; however, only the faculty may retain circulating items, except periodicals, Mac books, videos, and music CD's and tapes, for the duration of the quarter. They are expected to return, immediately, any item recalled after three weeks. All items must be returned or renewed at the end of each quarter. Items not returned or renewed by their due date will be considered delinquent and the patron's record will be blocked until such materials are returned/renewed. Under normal circumstances, neither faculty nor staff will be charged fines except for Reference Books and Periodicals. All patrons are expected to pay for lost or damaged material.

Members of faculty and staff families have full borrowing privileges and are expected to return all materials by their due date.

Retired faculty and staff have library privileges; however, some services are unavailable to these patrons, such as interlibrary loan, dial-in Galileo access, and services requiring an account number. Standard lending and fine policies will apply to these patrons. Faculty and Staff who resign can apply for Guest Borrower status.

Graduate students completing a thesis or Ed.S. research project, but who are not officially enrolled, will be granted most library privileges upon receipt of a letter from their thesis or research project advisors requesting these privileges. This letter, addressed to the Library Director, should include the subject area of the student's thesis or Ed.S project and the expected date of its completion. Students will be issued a library/ID card for the quarter, valid until the beginning of the following quarter, if authorized by the professor. Renewal of privileges will require subsequent letters of request. These students will not have dial-in access to Galileo or access to other resources whose contracts with the library require that the user be enrolled.

Doctoral students enrolled in the joint WGa-UGA program will be granted most library privileges, including ILL service and Joint Borrower's cards provided the major professors forward their students' names, addresses and ID numbers each quarter for inclusion in the library's database. These students will be issued a library/ID card for the quarter, valid until the beginning of the following quarter. Contracted services will be available only during those terms in which students are registered at the State University of West Georgia; however, similar services may be obtained from cooperating institutions if students are enrolled there.

Faculty or students from colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia have borrowing privileges if they present a System Joint Borrower's Card. These patrons will be asked to fill out a Guest Borrower's Card so that the library will have an address on file. There is nowaiting period before approval; patron records will be created in the system immediately. Standard loan periods and fines apply to these patrons. Materials not returned by the due date and fines not paid will be reported to the Home Institution Library for collection. Interlibrary Loan and certain UWG contracted services are unavailable to these patrons.

Citizens of the West Georgia Region not affiliated with the State University of West Georgia may apply for Guest Borrower status at the Circulation Desk. In most instances, the Circulation Department will grant limited borrowing privileges with one business day, excluding Saturday and Sunday. Materials not returned by the due date are considered delinquent, and the patron's record will be blocked until all outstanding items are returned and fines are paid. Some library services are available only to the Campus Community: ILL, dial-in access to Galileo, and services requiring account numbers.

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