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  • Click on "GIL Quick Connect" from shortcuts on workstation
  • Click on "Cataloging" [Production]
  • Enter operator id and password (obtain from supervisor)
  • Select a cataloging location: Cataloging
OPTIONS Preferences:
  • General tab
  • Holdings/Item Default Location: Maps
  • Call number hierarchies: Library of Congress
  • Item Defaults tab
  • Item type: Book
  • Copy: 1
  • Type - Topographic, Orthophotomap or orthophotoquad (aerial), Bureau of Land Management maps
  • Series - 7.5 minute series (1:24,000), etc.
  • Rolodex File - arranged by state with separate card for each Type and each Series. Contains Call number, Bib ID number, Quadrangle range Holdings Record number
(located on Rolodex files by state and series)
  • Click on "Record"
  • Select "Retrieve by record id"
  • Select "Bibliographic"
  • Enter the number and click on "Retrieve". The bibliographic record will then display.
  • Retrieve holdings record - Click on icon "Get hldgs"
  • Choose appropriate holdings record (mfhd) (from Rolodex)
  • Retrieve item record [s] - Click on icon "Get items".
  • Search list of items for quadrangle.
NEW ITEM – no older map found or in database
  • With holdings record displayed, click on icon "New Items"
  • Barcode - wand in and verify
  • Make sure item type and location is correct (If not, change Options/Preferences)
  • Ex. Topo maps: Item type is Book; Location is Maps
  • Enumeration: enter quadrangle name -- Capitalize words. Use space between words. Ex. Carroll Lake
    NAME: ignore initial articles, A, An, The
    Do not abbreviate the first word.
    If the quadrangle name is too long, you can abbreviate other words
        Mount - Mt.
        Mountain - Mtn.
  • Chronology: enter the year of the map. Can use date of “photorevised” map but not “photoinspected.
  • Free text – edition information, such as “Photoinspected 1986”, “Photorevised”, “Provisional”
  • SAVE
  • Record statistic: one item added
NEW ITEM – older map found and in database (Note the exceptions below)
  • Retrieve item record for the older map
  • Change the year of the map
  • Enter the new barcode and delete the old one.
  • SAVE
  • Item is a replacement, so do not count as new item added.
  • Fold the old map to be discarded.
GEORGIA topo maps: Retain all editions. However, “Provisional” maps can be discarded when a new edition is received. On item records for provisional maps, write “provisional” in the note field.

BLM (Bureau of Land Management)
For selected western states, two types of maps are received:
Surface management
Surface management and mineral management

When a combined map is received, the “Surface management” map can be discarded.
  • Write the call number legibly in the lower right corner.
     Horizontal or Vertical - depends on the space and length of number
    Horizontal:   G3921 .C2 G4 Carroll Lake 1992
  • If 2 states are covered by the map, such as "FL-AL", underline the STATE the map will be filed under.
  • STATISTICS - If there is no old map, record as 1 map item added.
RE-SEQUENCE ITEM RECORDS (after all new maps created for holdings record)
Alphabetical order by quadrangle name
  • Highlight item to move
  • Select "move after" or "move before"
  • Arrow to the item
  • SAVE (not the Boat icon)
  • CANCEL when finished
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