Cataloging procedures

****Books designated for the Newnan Center should be kept separate from Ingram Library materials throughout the cataloging and processing states.****

New title in online catalog

1. Catalog on OCLC and create a spine label

Holding codes: GWCT - Circulating collection

GWCU - Reference collection

2. Import into Voyager, create holding and item records

Item type: Book OR Reference

Location: Newnan

3. Write call number in the book and stamp accession date

Put "Newnan" after the call number or underneath it

Existing title, new copy

1. Create a new holdings record in Voyager with location "Newnan"

2 Create the item record

Existing copy sent to Newnan

1. Edit the records in Voyager to change location.

2. Edit the holdings code in the bibliographic record if item is the ONLY copy.

Processing books for the Newnan Center