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Journals - Library Holdings/Availability

To determine availability of a journal (print or electronic), the GIL or GALILEO user once had to search in one or more lists/databases:
  • Online catalog [GIL (GALILEO Interconnected Libraries)] - search by "Journal Title"
  • "E-Journals Search" - under the "Research" section on the Library Home Page
  • Georgia Libraries Journal List (GOLD), a GALILEO database - updated twice a year

Now, thanks to Ingram Library's Systems Librarian Chris Huff, more centralized searching is available to determine availability of specific journals and articles.

After identifiying relevant articles on a topic, the user needs to determine availability of the articles which are NOT FULL-TEXT. The user needs to note the name of the journal, volume/issue, and date.

Search From Online Indexes

Some indexes, especially those of EBSCO and ProQuest, contain an option to check availability in Ingram Library or full-text in another database. From a specific non-fulltext article citation, click on "Check the UWG Article Locator". The citation is carried over into the Article Locator and automatically peforms the first Search option "Is it online?"

If available online, the database will be listed with full-text coverage and a link.

If the journal is not available full-text, the user must click on "Search 2 - Is it on the shelf?" The search is automatically conducted in the online catalog (GIL).

If the journal is not available in the Library, in the Article Locator, click on "Search 3 - Is it at another library?" This search is performed in the GALILEO database "Georgia Libraries Journal List (GOLD)", created through periodical union listing by libraries in the state.

In the Article Locator, click on "Request a copy from ILL". Again the citation is transferred to the ILL form.

Independent Search in Article Locator

Enter the journal title, omitting initial articles "A, An, The". The search is first conducted automatically from listing of electronic journals. If not available electronically, click on the other search options.

E-Journal Search

This search option is located under "Research" on the Library's Homepage. The user may enter a journal name (omitting initial articles) or choose a broad subject category to narrow the search. Refer to "Search Tips" for more information.

This list contains only journals available full-text in databases subscribed to by Ingram Library and the University System of Georgia (GALILEO databases).

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Last Modified: 18 July 2003