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Electronic Resources

Electronic resources consist of non-musical titles on compact disc or diskettes, electronic books, and Internet resources. All materials will have full bibliographic records in the online catalog.

Non-musical titles on CD or diskette are shelved in the stacks. They are assigned Library of Congress call numbers. They are placed in book size containers for ease in shelving and locating.

Bibliographic records for NetLibrary titles are provided and loaded by the University System of Georgia and should not be edited.

Bibliographic records for Internet resouces will be edited to add at least the Library of Congress class number.

For descriptive cataloging refer to AACR2 and OCLC MARC21 codes for bibliographic records.

The following table contains the holdings codes for field 049 in the bibliographic record, Voyager location codes, and Voyager item types codes.

Material Holdings Code Location Code Item Type Code
Compact disc GWCC [CD] stacks electronic
Diskette GWCC [Disk] stacks electronic
Internet Resource GWCI internet internet

Compact disc and DVDs
  1. Cataloger - Place CD and DVD in book-size container if necessary.
  2. Write call number on back of accompanying booklet or on a label to apply inside the container. Apply date stamp as well.
  3. Apply the barcode label in the upper left using the 3M template.
  4. Student worker - Apply ownernship stamp on the booklet and back of the container.
  5. Apply the appropriate 3M detection device. A DVD with label on the top can have the same device as a CD.
  6. Apply the call number label on the spine or on the front upper left corner of the container.


  1. Cataloger - Have the diskettes copied and store master copies in Special Collections.
  2. Place diskettes in notebook using sheet to insert diskettes.
  3. Place call number and date on the inside front cover.
  4. Place barcode label on the front upper left using 3M template.
  5. Student worker - Apply call number label on the spine of the notebook.
  6. Place sticker on front cover under the barcode label - "Do not desensitize".
  7. Apply ownership stamps
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Last Modified: 23 January 2003