Ingram Library is a partial depository for federal documents, all of which have not been added to the bibliographic database. For many years the Documents librarian submitted a small percentage to be cataloged. Since 1996, most of the titles received have been added to the catalog.

Part of the University System project to convert library catalogs to Endeavor's Voyager system included the purchase and loading of bibliographic records from MARCIVE for selected Item numbers from 1976-1996. Map and serial records were excluded. Some of the titles may be in microfiche format instead of print, or some may not be owned by the library. Until the database cleanup is completed, use the following steps to determine if an item published prior to 1997 is in the collection.

  1. With specific record retrieved, click on "Technical Display".
  2. Check for existence of Field 035 #9 (subfield 9).
    035 #9 GPO (control number) - record from MARCIVE and MIGHT not own
  3. If record is from MARCIVE, write down the Superintendent of Documents classification number from field 099.
  4. Look up the number in the Document's shelflist, located in the Document's work area.
  5. If the number, or the item, is in the shelflist, note whether the format is microfiche or has a specific location, such as Folio or Reference area.