The cataloger gains experience with the following:

        General understanding of AACR2

        Familiarity with MARC format for monographs and for holdings

        Correct usage of ISBD punctuation

        Familiarity with OCLC - search strategies, editing

        Familiarity with Voyager - search strategies, editing, creation of holding record, creation of item record

        Familiarity with Library of Congress classification

        Familiarity with Superintendent of Documents classification construction

        Familiarity with Library of Congress subject headings

        Local practices for type of material assigned - holdings code, item type, location, series treatment, processing

        Input of original records, created by other catalogers, into OCLC


General description of tasks: The cataloger uses an existing bibliographic record to create a record in the local database for items to be added to the collection. The bibliographic record may be imported into the local database by staff in the Acquisitions Department or by the cataloger. The cataloging process also includes updating holdings on OCLC, creating a spine label, creating a MARC holdings record, and creating an item record


Copy cataloging

Approval Plan books - OCLC record (DLC cataloging) imported by Acquisitions


Firm orders

OCLC record imported by Acquisitions - DLC records

Brief record created by Acquisitions - overlay with OCLC record with DLC


Gift books, etc.

No record in Voyager. Import OCLC record with DLC cataloging


Government Documents - monographs



Experience extends to the following:




Experience extends to the following:




Experience extends to the following: