To support the instructional, research, and public service mission and goals of Ingram Library and the State University of West Georgia (B&B3,8,9, VG1,4), the Catalog Department has the following goals:


  1. Develop and enhance the online catalog, a database of machine-readable bibliographic and holdings records representing the holdings of the library and selected electronic information resources.

        Create accurate, high quality records for new materials in all formats as quickly as possible; this includes adhering to national standards

        Increase retrospective conversion of microforms, with priority given to original source material

        Continue retrospective conversion of older federal documents

        Continue adding records for electronic journals purchased by the library

        Develop better guidelines for accuracy and consistency in creation of holdings statements for multi-volume monographs and serials, following national standards and state recommended guidelines.

        Provide physical access to collections through accurate location information and labeling of materials


Assessment: user surveys, feedback and error reports from library staff and users, statistics reflecting number of items added


  1. Organize library's holdings to meet local needs and to facilitate retrieval and optimal use.


Assessment: statistics on projects, error reports from library staff, user surveys


  1. Maintain records in the online catalog for accuracy of holdings and location, as well as accuracy and consistency in retrieval of name and subject information.

        Correct errors and resolve problems in existing records as they are found

        Keep up-to-date with authority control processes, which is also essential for shared catalog in the University System

Assessment: error reports

  1. Contribute to resource sharing efforts at all levels, including the University System of Georgia's shared catalog (Universal Catalog), Georgia Online Database (GOLD), and GALILEO.

        Create and maintain current holdings in OCLC's serials union listing system, which supports inter-library loan and provides the link to holdings feature in many periodical indexes in GALILEO. Follow OCLC and GOLD guidelines, which are based on options in ANSI/NISO Z39.71 standards

        Contribute through committees in development of GIL, GOLD union listing, and GALILEO


Assessment: presence on appropriate committees, error reports from OCLC and GOLD

Supporting goals


  1. Develop a team of competent, knowledgeable and committed staff


  1. Optimize use of available technology to achieve objectives

        Make effective use of OCLC, local system, and other vendor services, software, and hardware

        Prepare for new OCLC cataloging system


  1. Develop and maintain department web pages

        Create accurate and complete procedures for staff and students

        Develop aids to enhance effective use of online catalog

        Develop and maintain list of resources to assist in all aspects of cataloging