New books are placed on the book truck for students to process.  Yellow post-it notes on the truck will indicate the order the books were cataloged.  The earliest books should be processed first. The books will already be barcoded when it is time to apply the call number labels and do the rest of the processing.



Call Number Labels

            Before applying the label to the book, check the label against the call number written on the inside of the book.  The 2 numbers MUST be IDENTICAL.


            Place the label on the spine. Trim sides evenly, if necessary, to prevent the label from extending around the sides.  DO NOT trim the top and bottom of the label.  If the book spine is too narrow, place the label on the upper-left-hand corner on the front cover of the book.  Be careful not to cover the barcode with the label.


            Position the label one inch from the bottom of the book spine.  Use the guide located on the student worktable.  Do NOT put the label over necessary volume designations usually found on law books.  Please ask if you are not sure, BEFORE you place the label on the book spine.


            Cover the label with a clear plastic label protector.


            Label Samples:


Reference Books:                     Hooks Books:                          Storage Books:

            REF.                            BF                                           Storage

            PN                               367                                          DC

            1009                            .H65x                                       186.5

            .A1                              HOOKS                                  .H34

            C5139                                                                         1915

            VOL. 13



            Books accompanied by CD-ROM’s or disks require additional processing steps.  Please see the relevant section in the manual for specific instructions.

Ownership Stamps

            Use BLACK ink to Stamp all Circulating Books.

            Use RED ink to Stamp all Reference Books.


            Take the stamp that says:

                        Irvine Sullivan Ingram Library

                        State University of West Georgia

                        Carrollton, Georgia


            Use this stamp and stamp NEATLY in the following places:

                        (1.)  Bottom of the title page

                        (2.)  Inside front cover at the bottom

                        (3.)  Inside back cover at the bottom 


            Take the stamp that says: “Irvine Sullivan Ingram Library”. Make sure the book is closed and the book’s spine is on your left.  Then, stamp the 3 OUTER edges of  each book so that the name can be read when flat.


            Additionally, REFERENCE books will need to be stamped with the “THIS BOOK DOES NOT CIRCULATE” stamp. This stamp should be placed on the inside of the front cover under the accession date stamp.  Be sure to use RED ink!



Magnetic detection strips are placed in all books as an anti-theft device.  This procedure is known as “stripping.”  There are two kinds of strips.  Single-sided strips are inserted into books with loose spines.  Double-sided strips are placed in books without loose spines.  This process will be demonstrated to each student worker.



A hold indicates that an individual wishes to use a specific item and would like to be notified when the item has been processed and ready to checkout.  Materials with “Holds” will have a yellow post-it note on the front of the item


Do not remove the “Hold” slip from the book.  Process immediately and place on the shelf labeled “Holds” so that we may notify the patron it is ready.



When the books are all processed and ready to be sent to the Circulation Department they need to be in call number order.  Place all circulating books with LC call numbers in consecutive call number order at the beginning of the truck.


Juvenile books (Y,YE,YF) and Reference books are placed in call number order at the end of the other books on the truck.



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