Microcards (Microopaque)


Priority order for cataloging


  1. English language - LC card for print version with LC call number
  2. English language - typed shelflist card, with exclusion of categories below
  3. Foreign language
  4. Legal titles - older publications not classed in schedule K
  5. Theses/dissertations




  1. Search in catalog to determine if title is held in paper or other microform format.  Catalog only new titles.


  1. OCLC - special procedures, fields, data


    1. Search using qualifier "mf" and date.  Ex. beec,god/mf/1855
    2. Choose record for microopaque format (form "c" in fixed field)
    3. Verify producer in field 533 is same  - usually Lost Cause Press
    4. Call number - If LC call number does not have the publication date, add date and "a".  Ex. 1855a.  (The "a" denotes facsimile reproduction or photocopy.).  Watch out for series classed together, such as the Anti-slavery tracts (E449 .E63 No. )
    5. Holdings code - GWCL  (formerly GWCM [Microcard])
    6. Field 245 - subfield "h" [microform] should follow subfield "a" and before subfield "b"
    7. Field 533 - publication information for microform

Number of cards - physical number, not number of sides (most are two-sided)

Ex.  Microopaque. $b Louisville, Ky. : $c Lost Cause Press, $d 1970. $e 3 microopaques.

 Some libraries have used "3 microcards"           

    1. Edit other fields as necessary before updating and exporting.


  1. Voyager
    1. Set Options/preferences

Location:  microcard

Import profile:  add-condit.

Item type: microform

    1. Holdings record

Field 008: Method of acquisition:  p (purchase)

    1. Item record - can enter number of cards in field "pieces"


  1. Record statistics - number of titles cataloged.  These are not reported to Acquisitions, since they were probably added years ago when purchased.


Microfiche collections are in cabinets located on the Main Floor. ERIC reports on fiche are not cataloged. They are filed in ED number and are indexed in ERIC databases.

Currently there are two sections of other titles on microfiche: classifed and unclassified. Unclassified fiche are in order by main entry on the bibliographic record; these are being assigned Library of Congress call numbers and being refiled in the classified section. When cataloging, the holdings code was GWCM [Micro-][fiche]. In the online catalog the location code is "microfiche" and the item code is "microform".


Titles on microfilm are classifed and filed in call number order in cabinets on the Main Floor. This collection includes the Soundex and other census titles. Periodicals on microfilm are shelved in the Periodical stacks along with the paper issues/volumes. When cataloging, the OCLC holdings code was GWCM [Microfilm]. In the online catalog the location code is "microfilm" and the item type code is "microform".