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Circ Staff Guidelines for Providing Reference Services

  • You are only responsible for answering very general questions, such as:

            --where is the Library classroom?

            --how can I contact my LIBR 1101 teacher?

            --do you have this book?

            --do you have this journal (use Journal Locator tool on Library homepage)

            --I can't find this journal on the shelf
              **check first to be sure we really do own the journal they want in paper and that it's not in Storage.
              If so, and there is someone else nearby to watch the Circ Desk while you're gone, it's o.k. to leave
              the desk briefly to escort patron to location of print journal in 1st Floor stacks; if not found immediately,
              tell them you will call the Reference Librarian to come and assist them.

            --where are the history books?
              **explain to the patron that the Library is very large, and they probably won't be able to find what they want by browsing.
            Turn your monitor so they can see it and show how to get to our catalog. Try to get the person to narrow the topic by
             asking some questions, such as "Is there some particular country, person or aspect of history you are looking for?"
            (such as the American Colonial Period, the Korean War, British history, etc.). Using the information they provide, do a
            keyword search and see if you can find a book that seems relevant, pull up the record and look at the subject headings
            assigned to that book; ask them if any of those subject headings describe their topic: and if so, click on the subject heading
            to bring up the books we have that are assigned to that subject. If you feel you aren't getting anywhere, or the topic they want
            is very specific and probably will require using databases to find articles, call the Reference Librarian.

            --how do I cite this item (in MLA, APA or other style manual)?
              **get book from the Reserve shelf or use online sources to try to assist them; if unable, call Reference Librarian.

            --helping students access their online Reserve readings
              **you can log into Docutek as yourself and see what is available, however you are not allowed
               to give them the password to access the readings.their professor must provide it. Your login
               is the first part of your email address before the @ symbol and your default password is the same
               thing, but please change the password

            --how can I get the GALILEO password?

  • You are not responsible for anything which would take you away from the CircDesk for very long, such as

            --helping students find articles using online databases

            --helping students use the microfilm reader/printers
              **refer students to the printed instructions next to the microfilm reader/printers; if they are unable
               to do it alone, phone the Reference Librarian

            --helping students with printing
              **you should explain the printing process in general terms and refer them to the printed instructions
               which are next to the printing station; if they still need help, call the Reference Librarian

            --helping students with WebCT problems
              **refer them to the Distance Education HelpDesk (M-F 8am-5pm): x96248 (after hours, only online help is available)

            --helping students with their LIBR 1101 assignments
              **call their instructor or Reference Librarian on duty

            --helping students with BANWEB
              **refer them on online BANWEB help or the ITS HelpDesk: x96587.

  • Irvine Sullivan Ingram Library, UWG
    1601 Maple St - Carrollton, GA 30118-2000
    Library Information - (678) 839-6350
    Reference Desk - (678) 839-6495
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    Last Modified: 20 August 2006